Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Plus Sized in Paris

I hope my amazing readers can excuse my lack of posting for a few weeks. I was on vacation and decided to take my vacation to its fullest, and that included no blog posting. However, this vacation inspired an amazing blog post.

While on vacation, I spent a week in Paris. Of course, I was self-conscious on the plane there.  Paris, land of thin people and supermodels. Paris, land of women who can eat bread non stop and four-course meals without gaining a pound.  I'm not kidding, I got eaten under the table by multiple super thin Parisian women.  These ladies have the metabolism of Gods, or something.  So of course, I was a little intimidated
Obligatory Eiffel Tower Selfie
However, I found something interesting.  I was a sort of hot commodity in Paris. Me, with my size 20 hips, pudgy belly, and cellulite ridden thighs and booty.  However, whenever I made eye contact with a man, he maintained it.  When I gave him a smile, he smiled back.  And, when I noticed this trend, and gave a flirty wink or raise of eyebrows, he returned it and occasionally approached me.  My first night, while getting a crepe at the creperie across the street from my hotel, I had a gentleman lean out his window and beckon me up to his apartment for some, relations.  He was jokingly referred to as my "boyfriend" for the duration of the trip.

Now, you could easily say these men were being friendly. Or maybe they were thrown off by a lady making eye contact. Or maybe they were being rude or sarcastic.  I don't care what you have to say, I saw what I though. I was actually attractive to these men.  Perhaps I was exotic. My well-proportioned curves at a thicker ration was new to these men, surrounded by women who belong on the runway.

I'm not saying I was the only fat person there. I'm saying that I was special.  And dammit, it boosted my self confidence more than ever.  Once, while walking down the street, a man stopped me and said "My God, you are beautiful."  I said thank you with eyebrows raised in shock, and then continued on my way.  I have walked tall ever since.  So half the guys in America are shallow freaks who won't give me two looks.  I am attractive, to some men, even if they're in Paris.  It's ok, I prefer a man with an accent anyway ;).  

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  1. I went to Paris in March and I totally agree, us plus size gals were few and far between. I was with my husband, so no hottie hitting on me, but it was a completely different culture and it was one of the best experiences of my life!