Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fat and Fearless: Photos

Welcome to another recurring blog series! This one I'm REALLY excited about, I'm calling it Fat and Fearless.  You can be offended all you want by the word "fat" but that's what makes me Plus Sized. It's not bones, it's not muscle, it's not personality, it's fat. I don't have a problem with it, it's soft and squishy and makes me fun to cuddle with. And I'm happy. But a lot of people aren't. To a lot of people, extra fat encourages fear in various situations. But I think we should all feel comfortable to be Fat and Fearless - no matter the situation.  Fearless means living your life happily, and not worrying about a little pudge!!

One of the most common fear-inducing moments with that extra fat comes to being photographed.  We let our concerns about how we look prevent us from documenting the happy moments in our lives. Surrounded by friends, laughing, smiling, and we're busy thinking about how our hips are a little wide! Are you KIDDING ME?!  And I used to be one of those people!

The worst part? As I looked back on those photos, I didn't see the happiness. I didn't focus on the memories. I focused on what I saw as flaws. That damn double chin as I look down at my newborn niece. That stupid underarm flab as I raise my arms in joy.  How big I look as I give my best girlfriend (who is very thin) one last hug goodbye.  How date I let these pictures ruin my memories?!

This is me meeting the AMAZING Stephanie J. Block. I HATED this pic because of how I looked, and I forgot that I was meeting a Broadway Celeb and one of my idols!

Lately, however, I've found myself beautiful. It started with learning how to take pictures of my self, yes, the infamous selfies, at an angle I found appealing. 

The pic where it all began
 I hated my double chin, so I started taking pics of myself at an angle above, so I hid the extra neck rolls. This let me examine what elements I DID like of myself. Despite some neck flab, I have a pronounced chin. My eyes are gorgeous. I have pretty cute little lips!  I also had friends take pictures of me, so I knew I wasn't being pias

Photographed by one of my friends
Hey look, I don't look terrible! I look mysterious. My arms don't even look that fat. I actually really love this picture of me! I think it would work to post on a dating site!  So then I moved to pics that encompassed more of my body...

A full body shot, please don't mind the messy mirror
 HOLY SMOKES! Look at me! I'm not wearing makeup, my hear isn't done, and I'm getting ready to go on a run. And all I see is happiness and a pretty girl. I don't see a flabby belly. I don't even see my pudgy fingers. I see a girl who thought it was fun to wear a sparkly bow when I couldn't find a sweat rag for a run!  Soon the pictures came naturally. It didn't matter if I was wearing makeup or not, it mattered what I wanted to show off

Bought a big bow in a store in Ireland
 The above pic? No Make up. My hair wasn't done. I was staying in a HOSTEL!  And yet, I love it, because I see the joy in my eyes. Next, it didn't even matter if I had FOOD in the picture! Hell, I love food, it gives joy and memories. But before, I feared food in a pic meant people would see more flaws and more fat in my pictures...

ZOMG CREPE! - and I really love my face in this pic.
The streets of Galway, I found a Nutella Crepe, one of my favorite foods ever.  You better believe I was documenting it!  And now? Anyone can take a pic of me in any situation for any reason! I will quit looking at the messy hair or the cankles. I'll focus on the beauty of the MEMORY!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Commode Conundrum

Using the Restroom. Let's be honest, it's something we all do, it's physically impossible not to. This simple fact leads to a few things. First of all, bathrooms are literally everywhere. Restaurants, homes, airplanes, buses, they all have bathrooms.  Additionally, when we are in a place where there miraculously no restrooms or, perhaps worse, unusable restrooms, we often have to get creative in our restroom use. Bathrooms are one of my oddest quirks and often amount to my best stories, so I thought I'd go through four of the situations I find most common for restrooms.


I live alone with my mother and cats.  We have one bathroom in our home. Thankfully, we are very comfortable with each other. Seriously, she gave birth to me and changed my diaper for years, there are no secrets between us. Unless there's company, we leave the door open while using the restroom, for various reasons. Mostly it's because the cats will go nuts and drive us nuts if we close the door. Do you know how hard it is to do your business when there is scratching, yowling, and paws darting under the door. It's ridiculous. Also, we're two women and there is only one bathroom. Maybe she needs to blow dry her hair or put on make up while I'm in the shower.

However, I've heard of people who use the bathroom for solstice. Especially new mothers who just need five minutes to themselves to avoid their screaming children. And trust me, I get it, I could see that happening someday to me, provided I have children. But for now, it's just another room in the house


OK, as comfortable I am in the restroom at my own home, I HATE using the restroom in the homes of other people! I know it can be a solstice, a place of peace, and secrecy for them. Not to mention, they may figure out that I actually use the restroom. I mean, yeah, it's a fact, but for some reason asking permission to use a person's bathroom is forever ingrained in my head as a fearful and embarrassing action.  I may be sitting on your couch clenching every kegel muscle in my body and cursing myself for drinking that can of soda, but it takes a great amount of trust to use your restroom.

Honestly, I think it comes down to a fear of judgement. What if I'm in there too long? What if they hear me? What if they don't think I wash my hands good enough? God forbid I smell up the place or block up the toilet!! Many a time I have gone rushing home after chilling with friends to use the restroom.  This becomes especially awkward because I never like to leave too early.


Yep, it's weird, but I'm SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE in public restrooms than at a friend's home. Yeah, they're often gross. And there's really no privacy. People can easily peek through the little holes in the side of the door and look you in the eye as you do your business.  Not to mention the fact that if the lock doesn't work, an inattentive could stroll in on you doing your business.  Yikes!!  However, it's less personal. It's public. There could be twenty other people in there using the restroom with you. 

Now I travel a lot, and I have used many an airplane bathroom. I know that there is a limited amount of restrooms, a lot of people, and no where else to use the bathroom. I go in and get out as fast as possible. Actually, I'm a little prideful of my restroom speed on airplanes.  There are some people who seem to be enjoying their time in there though. Seriously, it's a small and cramped and smelly little area.  A correctly placed thing of turbulence could create a painful bump in an awkward area. What on earth are you doing in there for ten minutes. If two or three people go in and out while you're still in there, it's a PROBLEM man.

Oh, and avoid at all costs pooping on a bus. It's just common courtesy.


Any men who could possibly reading this can just tune out now.  We're going to talk about popping a squat. Rather, I'm going to recall a story from my days at summer camp.  Back when I was a kid, my mom sent me to a yearly summer camp. It was great, I loved every minute of that summer camp... except overnights. Overnights were when we took a hike and, instead of staying in our coolio raised tents with bunks just feet from a restroom, we roughed it by sleeping on the ground with tarps as our only protection and absolutely no restroom.  I loved every part of this, except of the lack of restroom.

I always have and always will suck at peeing in the woods or "popping a squat". Always, ALWAYS, I get it on my lets, on my pants, on my socks, on my shoes. It ends up a mess.  I wasn't raised in a family that camped, so my first year at camp was literally my first time attempting an in the woods urination. But one year, the stars aligned correctly. I stepped away from the camp ground, walked a while in the pitch black, and had the most beautiful, mess free, woods peeing EVER....

...Until the gleam of flashlights started coming towards me, nearer and nearer. In my attempt to get away from the camp, I hit a switchback in the path. And, coming down said path, was a group of boys our age. I pulled my pants up and ran away, my celebration of success quickly lost to the humiliation.

What about you? What are your experiences and your opinions on bathrooms. Do you use your home restroom as an escape? Are you comfortable using the toilet at your friends houses or public restrooms. And really, what are your potty tricks for the great outdoors?!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Surf's Up VoxBox Review: Sinful Colors Nail Polish

As you can see by the badge on the side bar, I am an Influenster. What is an influenster, you ask?  Why it is someone who can't keep their mouth shut and tells everyone about everything they try, just like me!! OK... so maybe that's not the most FORMAL definition, but it's pretty stinking close. They send you boxes of awesome products to try and you tell everyone you know about them!  I am currently participating in the Surf's Up VoxBox!  To see me opening this box and everything contained with it, check out my YouTube video here

I have always been a huge fan of getting my nails done. The problem is, I can't do them myself.  I don't have a shred of ambidextrousness in me.  Seriously, when I try to write my name with my left hand, it looks like a 3 year old in a bouncy castle. Not good.  So when I try to do my own nails, it looks like I killed a jelly monster with my bare hands.  Luckily, I have made an awesome new girlfriend who is an expert at nails, and we had a girls night on Friday to help me try this:

Sinful Colors: Ocean Side

 Sinful Colors has the BEAUTIFUL blue nail polish called Ocean Side.  We sat and did our nails and talked about visiting beautiful beaches in various areas in the world, the conversation was inspired by the color.  The polish is definitely a keeper in my book.  It only took one coat to have a beautiful opaque ocean blue color on my nails. No waiting for it to dry and putting on multiple layers. IT also stayed true to the color advertised by the bottle. Most importantly, it remained unchipped after a few hours of dancing while hitting other people with sticks. Yes, I have weird hobbies.

Check out these nails!!  OK, the picture is blurry and my hands a bloated, but you can really see the color. Besides, do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of your hand out in front of you without a cat in the picture? Basically impossible.  Turns out the act of "Hey, look at my nails" is universal cat sign language for "I'm free for petting!!"

So, go check out Sinful Colors today and see if they have a color that will send you to a far away place!! Oh, and if you want to be an Influenster, I have some invites left, so leave a commnt, but be sure to FOLLOW MY BLOG first!  And tell me in the comments about your favorite nail painting memories with your gal pals!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mate Traits: Must Love Cats

Every single woman has a list of traits she envisions in her ideal partner. Some of these traits are even considered necessities in order to date the woman!  Whether it's written down or in her head, every woman has one, and she could list at least a handful when asked on the spot.  I have a list too, a long list that will never be met perfectly, but definitely gives me some guidelines. Some of them are rather unique, interesting, and have made me look deep into myself to understand why I want them in a man. This will be a sort of recurring them or topic on this blog known as Mate Traits.

Must love cats.

I am a cat person.  I have had cats my entire life and I don't see that changing any time soon. Currently, I am living with my crazy-cat lady of a mother, so I have more cats than usual. Personally, I technically only have one cat, my little pooper Ransom who loves me and belly rubs and car rides and thinks he's a dog (he's trained so sit, I promise! I hear a video of that could be YouTube GOLD!). However, my mom has 5 cats. That's right, I live in a house of 6 cats. And I don't care. Our house is clean, smell free, and half the time you can't tell because they spread to different rooms and we keep a point to keep our house clean.  Oh, and we feed the outside ferals, Nala (the mama), Gustav "Gus", and J.S. Bach "Jesse B."  (P.S., Nala and Jesse looking for their furever homes, so if you want to share this post or are looking for the cutest kitties ever, comment below!!)

Seriously, he's adorable, take Jesse home now
But my love for cats isn't the reason the man I love must want a cat.  Yes, I want to have a pet throughout my life, and I want my kids to experience the love and responsibility that comes from one, but that is not the reason why my boyfriends must love cats. The fact that they'll be dealing with them while cuddling with me on the couch is also not the reason. The truth of the matter is, I am a cat at heart.

Now stay with me for this one. I can be really sensitive. The silliest thing can make me super mad at you without you even realizing it. Cat. I can be really picky with foods, sometimes the food I loved yesterday I don't want at all today. Cat. I'm a texture eater and the food I'm eating must relate to the mood I'm in. Cat. I will always eat ice cream, whether it's yours or mine or his or hers or no ones, I'll steal it.  I enjoy laying in the sun and just enjoying life. Cuddling will be a hit and miss thing. Sometimes I'll be all over you, and other times I just want to be alone and will constantly push you away. I don't like swimming, but enjoy a long bath. I have a specific spot on the couch and it will throw me off if you take it... I will sit elsewhere and stare at you awkwardly until you move. I get easily distracted and will look away mid conversation if something shiny catches my eye. I will slap you lightly if you tease me, and you will always deserve it. Sometimes I just want to look at people quietly. And, perhaps the most cat like trait, often when I'm staring off into nowhere, I'm not thinking about ANYTHING! Really, don't ask me what I'm thinking about, the answer will not be satisfying, but thanks!

More Mate Traits can be found in the future, but comment with YOUR thoughts. Do you like your mate to like the same animals as you. Have you ever dated someone whose pet you DESPISED? Would you give up a pet for a boyfriend?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Craft Corner: When Life Gives You a Pile of Ribbons...

One of the things I do to supplement my income is babysitting. I love it! I get paid to play with Legos, make food, and then read books after the kids are asleep. Seriously, I sometimes feel like I'm swindling the parents, but they insist on paying me. Ok, SUCKAHS!  But sometimes, babysitting requires a bit of creativity. Like today, when I walked into the home of one of my regular afternoon babysitting homes, we'll call him AJ. The last time I'd mentioned willingness to do crafts with the mom after a successful run of homemade Play-Dough. I entered the home and witnessed this before me:

Yes, that is a pile of ribbons and pipe cleaners. Mom said that she had emptied her entire craft drawer and tells me that she was at a yard sale and got all this in a box for 25 cents! Yeah, it was a steal, but I had to find something to do with it.  OK, great, see ya mom!  I chatted with AJ for a bit, picking through the vomitous pile of red, white, and blue, trying to decide what to do. Ok, EVERYTHING is red, white, and blue here... and it's mid June, FOURTH OF JULY!

Great, OK, we're doing a Fourth of July theme. Still no base for a craft.  Then it hit me.  There are pipe cleaners, which will make an excellent base for a small, simple wreath. You've seen those wreaths made solely of ribbons on Pinterest, right?  So I took two pipe cleaners and put them together in a circle.  Then we used little green wire stuff to make ribbons stay on as we wrapped them around the pipe cleaner to make a base. We tied ribbons on, used shiny silver pipe cleaners to look like 'fireworks', and added a big bow at the bottom.

Mine ended up looking like this:

Yep, I'm 24 and I'm proud of that!  The kids looked way better... In the end, this literally could be a super cheap and fun craft to do with your kids, or kids you're babysitting. Sometimes the best crafts come from a chaotic mess and a need for structure.  What do you think?  What was your best "in a bind, need to do something now" craft or activity with kids?  (Yeah, I need your help here, I'm a babysitter!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello, my name is Cassie. I am 24 years old, working on my Masters Degree, a total music nerd, bookworm, blogger, YouTuber, Tweeter, cat lover, Redditor, product reviewer, fan of freebies... and I'm fat. Whatever you want to call it. Plus sized, curvy, full-figured, bootylicious, BBW, chunky, soft. The fact of the matter is, I'm bigger than your average person... maybe not your average AMERICAN, but I have some weight on the bones.  And you know what, I'm HAPPY!  I'm healthy, and my doctor will confirm it if you want.

I have stuff to say. About a lot of stuff. I'm rather outspoken, and opinionated, and you know what? Why the hell not? I'm very anti that whole YOLO junk, but life is far too short. Live it how you choose. If you want to be the person who is quiet and hides in the corner, do it! But if you want to be the person who tells all about their life to everyone, well then do that too!  Are you a blog reader, not a blog writer? You know what? THAT'S GREAT!! But do it the way you like!

Like I said, I'm about being happy.  I'm happy the way I am. I enjoy food, and I live in Lubbock Texas, which I like to think of as one of the food capitols of USA.  You may not have heard of Lubbock, I didn't before I applied for school here, but it is AWESOME.  Did you know that Lubbock has more restaurants per capita than any other city in the US?  And they're all good.  So food reviews? We'll have them.  Product reviews? They'll be here.  Random thoughts that I have to get off my chest? You better BELIEVE they'll be here.

And check out this YouTube video I JUST made while you're at it, so you can see who I am and what I'm like. Thanks Influenster for the SurfsUpVoxBox!