Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blog Post Brings Real Life Karma!!

Hopefully by now you have read my blog post, Fat and Fearless: Running.  I went on my Week 4 Day 3 run today. Ironically, early into my run, on the three minute jog portion, I saw an older gentleman sitting out on his smoke break. Older gentleman can either be the nicest people in the world, or the rudest, so I was terrified.  I smiled and popped out an ear bud as I passed. We exchanged "Good Morning"s.  He asked how my day was going, I responded, "Quite Well thanks." He responded "Well it looks like you're doing a lot of good." I felt great and kept running.

I took my 1.5 minute walk break and then began my first 5 minute jog portion.  I knew it would be hard, but I was already encouraged. Slowly, a red, beat up car pulled up, window down, slowed to my pace. I once again popped out the earbud and looked the driver in the eye. I was actually terrified, because I run in the street, and I was afraid this thin, beautiful woman would tell me to get out of the road or something of the sort.  Imagine my surprise when her first words were "I just want to offer you some words of encouragement."  She said I was doing great, I was admirable, to keep going! I ran through my 5 minute jog with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

I was just finishing my 2.5 minute walk break as I passed another model-esque woman on the street.  She gave me a huge smile and waved vigorously. I, of course, returned it.  I wave and smile at everyone I pass, and I'm pretty sure I had passed her in days previous and she was excited to wave this time instead of giving me a look of confusion and shock. 

My jog ended quietly.  However, I didn't quit, and hit a longer distance than ever before. GO ME!  Then, I came home.  The events of the day really stuck with me, so I wrote a letter to the editor for the local paper about it.  And what happened? I got a phone call from the head editor saying he loved my letter and it would be Letter of the Day on Sunday. He said he got a smile and a bunch of encouragement out of it, and he wanted the rest of the city to do the same.

I think it's more than coincidence that this all happened 2 days after my fat and fearless blog post.  As the amazing Ellen says, be good to each other!

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