Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fat and Fearless: Running

We fat people, we know why we're fat.  We know that there are ways to lose weight. Sometimes we don't want to, sometimes we're too lazy, and sometimes we're scared. Why would we be scared? Well, there's one undeniable fact. Fat shamers both want fat people to run and not to run, simultaneously.  They hate that we're fat, so OF COURSE they want us to run. Why the hell wouldn't they? But then, when we run, we burn their eyes with our bouncing blubber and their children are subjected to our flying flab!  Too many times have I seen letters online from "concerned neighbors" that someone would run, or even do yard work, in public while being overweight.

I have surpassed all of these and began the C25K app from Active.com.  Today I completed Week 4 Day 2. This day includes a 5 minute walking warm up, run for 3 minutes, walk 1.5, run 5 minutes, walk 2.5, run 3, walk 1.5, run 5, cool down for 5.  Despite the pain, the struggles, the torture, I kept going. At times, I yelled at myself not to stop, because I'm a stubborn fat lady, and verbally encouraged myself to keep going!

Before Pic, don't I look excited?
I run in the morning. It's required to beat the Texas heat.  If I don't get out before noon, I don't get out. Today, I even ran in the pouring rain!  Rain ain't gonna stop be!  I am so determined, I will do my run unless it's literally unsafe!  I run with running shoes purchased from the local running store, where they recorded and checked out my gait and then got them specialized to my feet.  My clothes are cheap and loose, as they should be. An awesome sweatband from Target.  I also run with my music and C25K app on my phone, which goes into this coolio pocket thing I bought from the local nicknack shop. Essentially it clips on my sweatpants and acts as a pocket, but is a lot cooler than a frisbee lol.

My C25K music playlist can be found here:: C25K Playlist.  I feel the key to running while fat, or thin, or out of shape, or a body builder is confidence.  I run outside because my severe motion sickness makes me ill on a treadmill.  Every time a car passes me, I look up. I attempt to make eye contact with the driver. I smile and wave. EVERY TIME! Sometimes they ignore me, but the very very few times I get a wave, it makes me do better, it makes me work harder.

I know where the dogs on my run live. Don't worry, they're all contained in fences. But you know what a barking dog can easily sound like?  A cheering crowd. That's right, those dogs aren't barking because you're too close to they're house. They're cheering for you! They want you to succeed! Smile at those dogs. Give them a thumbs up or a little "raise the roof" and keep running.  Their barks will follow you for quite a while, which will keep you running.

With C25K, they use time limits. However, my phone is in my pocket, and time is hard to judge when you're huffing and puffing and in pain. So, when I think I'm going to be needing to quit, I look up. I make a visual goal. That car, that sign post, that bush. It can be anything. When I reach it, I reassess.  Everytime, I know I can keep going until I'm told to walk. So I look up and find another visual point.  Moments after my run, I forget the struggles and the pain and feel nothing but pride

After Pic. Look at that smile, that pride... that sweat...
If you've been thinking about taking up running, do it! Now! Pay those $2 for the Active.com App (no, they have no idea I'm endorsing this).  Those $2 may be enough to make you want to not waste your money!  IF you need a good community, try Reddit, it's free, they're so helpful! They want you to succeed too!  And no matter what, have NO FEAR!

Next week I'll be running through Paris. I will be on vacation. I will be the fat girl huffing and puffing through the streets of Paris. And I will do it! Wish my luck!


  1. Have fun running through Paris! I did a few training runs next to the Sienne a few years ago and it was awesome in the morning, just take a metro pass with you incase you get as lost as I did lol.

  2. I just want to say how happy this blog post has made me! Your attitude and determination are excellent and inspirational! Keep up the great work!!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad someone got something positive out of it!

  3. r/C25K brought me here! I absolutely love your attitude, it is contagious! I am SO jealous of your future running in Paris. Enjoy your time there to the fullest!

    Question - Does your pocket doo-dad have a brand name, or something else I can use to look it up online? It sounds super cool!

    Best of luck in all your endeavors, keep up the good work!

  4. Hey, congrats on doing c25k! I'm also a bigger individual trying to run. I just completed week 5 day 2 last night. Best of luck!