Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fat and Fearless: At the Hair Salon

OK ladies, despite our size we all love and yet, secretly DREAD, the hairdresser.  Just one mistake could give us a brand new look, and change is not always good. And if we're actually looking for a different style, well forget about it! We will have to pick through thousands of photos of various women in various cuts, finding one we like and can fit into our daily routine, and then PRAYING that it will look just as good on us as it did on the model, and that our hairdresser can give us an identical cut.

First off, I'm pretty sure that hair salons buy the worst mirrors in existence. I promise I ALWAYS look fatter in the mirrors there than anywhere else. Really, I gain a good twenty pounds in those mirrors, every single time.  Then they put a towel around your neck, and a cape around that towel, pushing all neck flab right up into your chin. Then they wet your hair down and, if you're like me, you look like a drowned rat.  And to go with the fearless part of this post, here is a picture of me in the chair, looking magnificently terrible through this mirror!

Ugh, gross. At least I managed a smile in that picture.  Now I have a few suggestions for making it through the hairdresser fearlessly at any size!  First of all, remember it is JUST HAIR!  It will grow back. If it looks absolutely terrible (which I doubt it will) you can wear a hat, or have an excuse to buy a super sexy wig, or anything! But be daring! It's just hair! It will grow out!  Take a chance!

Remember, your hair dresser has been doing this for years (hopefully) and has a trustworthy opinion.  Straight up ask her what she thinks!  Don't be afraid to be up front.  I have no problem with my size. I'll talk to my stylist and say "I know that I'm chubby, I know that I have a bit of a double chin, do you think this style would work with my face shape?"  For me, I have fine fine fine hair. "I know I have fine hair, do you think it would hold this style?"  Be honest in your questions and you'll get honest answers.  I've been told I don't have the forehead to go without bangs. I wasn't offended, because I've always agreed with that. I keep the "baby doll" bangs because they look good on me. My face allows for shorter cuts, which is good, because the fineness of my hair means I can't grow it much past my shoulders without looking raggedy.

And, even though you stare at yourself in that horrendous mirror and feel gross and self-conscious the entire time you're there, the outcome is always great.  Be sure to ask your stylist to walk you through what she's doing while styling your hair, so the day you get your hair done isn't the only day it looks the way it should!  Be fearless, make it worth it!


  1. These are all things that effect everyone, of every size, shape, race, and colour.

    1. I don't disagree at all. We all have insecurities.