Monday, July 7, 2014

Let's Take a... I mean... Talk about Naps!

I believe anyone the age of 12 will agree with me, naps are beautiful, rare gifts which should be embraced whenever possible.  One of my most intelligent and respected professors actually has a mantra of three rules of life, one of those three is "Never pass up the opportunity to take a nap." Now when you're only given three rules to a happy life, you want to keep up with them as much as possible. Another was never pass up a bathroom.  The last one... well.. I was usually in a car going through Ireland when he told us and the nap one was number two, so I was always asleep before I heard number three, OOPS!

Now, supposedly kids are supposed to need all this sleep to help with growing and stuff.  Then can someone explain to me why the hell, when my nieces (Aged 5 and 9) come to stay with us next week we'll be going to bed at 10 and they'll be up by 6?!  Seriously, why do children not understand the meaning of sleeping in?   When does sleeping in become a thing?  They also HATE naps! They will fight naps at all costs, and make sure no one else can enjoy a little shut eye in the process!  I remember I once asked the 5 year old to lay down for a nap with me. She said ok, and jumped on the bed for 30 minutes.  HELL TO THE NO! You do not deny a college student of a nap during their holiday!!

I find myself needing naps regularly the older I get.  It's been especially bad this past year, but I think that has something to do with being in graduate school. I get up early for class and stay up late doing homework, and then it still takes an hour for my mind to wind down before I can fall asleep. One of my rehearsals goes from 9-11 at night on Wednesdays! In the middle of the stinking week! So I suppose it's so surprise that, when Saturday comes, I "sleep in" until 8 and then want a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day. I need that little amount of time to catch up from the rest of the week.

Me, personally? I'm a bed napper. It's a habit I got into when I was getting my undergrad and living in the dorms, or with roommates, or couldn't afford a couch that you could nap on.  I feel that you get a better sleep that way you're in the area which you've designated for sleep and your body and brain are ready to turn off and really refresh.  Not to mention I LOVE my bed. I have the most comfortable bed ever and I LOVE my pillows. Really, it's sick how much I love my pillows. I will be in a 5 star hotel and miss my pillows.

But, I guess what I'm trying to say, is we should all take advice from cats and, whenever given the opportunity, take time to lay down and refresh ourselves. If you need a nap, and need to do something else, like clean, really ask yourself if it's an urgent matter, or if a nap could be more beneficial. I often find that after a nap, I am more efficient and still get done all the things I needed. Comment below, tell me YOUR opinion on naps. Oh, and before you take that snooze, make sure you follow my blog!

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