Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mate Traits: Must Love Cats

Every single woman has a list of traits she envisions in her ideal partner. Some of these traits are even considered necessities in order to date the woman!  Whether it's written down or in her head, every woman has one, and she could list at least a handful when asked on the spot.  I have a list too, a long list that will never be met perfectly, but definitely gives me some guidelines. Some of them are rather unique, interesting, and have made me look deep into myself to understand why I want them in a man. This will be a sort of recurring them or topic on this blog known as Mate Traits.

Must love cats.

I am a cat person.  I have had cats my entire life and I don't see that changing any time soon. Currently, I am living with my crazy-cat lady of a mother, so I have more cats than usual. Personally, I technically only have one cat, my little pooper Ransom who loves me and belly rubs and car rides and thinks he's a dog (he's trained so sit, I promise! I hear a video of that could be YouTube GOLD!). However, my mom has 5 cats. That's right, I live in a house of 6 cats. And I don't care. Our house is clean, smell free, and half the time you can't tell because they spread to different rooms and we keep a point to keep our house clean.  Oh, and we feed the outside ferals, Nala (the mama), Gustav "Gus", and J.S. Bach "Jesse B."  (P.S., Nala and Jesse looking for their furever homes, so if you want to share this post or are looking for the cutest kitties ever, comment below!!)

Seriously, he's adorable, take Jesse home now
But my love for cats isn't the reason the man I love must want a cat.  Yes, I want to have a pet throughout my life, and I want my kids to experience the love and responsibility that comes from one, but that is not the reason why my boyfriends must love cats. The fact that they'll be dealing with them while cuddling with me on the couch is also not the reason. The truth of the matter is, I am a cat at heart.

Now stay with me for this one. I can be really sensitive. The silliest thing can make me super mad at you without you even realizing it. Cat. I can be really picky with foods, sometimes the food I loved yesterday I don't want at all today. Cat. I'm a texture eater and the food I'm eating must relate to the mood I'm in. Cat. I will always eat ice cream, whether it's yours or mine or his or hers or no ones, I'll steal it.  I enjoy laying in the sun and just enjoying life. Cuddling will be a hit and miss thing. Sometimes I'll be all over you, and other times I just want to be alone and will constantly push you away. I don't like swimming, but enjoy a long bath. I have a specific spot on the couch and it will throw me off if you take it... I will sit elsewhere and stare at you awkwardly until you move. I get easily distracted and will look away mid conversation if something shiny catches my eye. I will slap you lightly if you tease me, and you will always deserve it. Sometimes I just want to look at people quietly. And, perhaps the most cat like trait, often when I'm staring off into nowhere, I'm not thinking about ANYTHING! Really, don't ask me what I'm thinking about, the answer will not be satisfying, but thanks!

More Mate Traits can be found in the future, but comment with YOUR thoughts. Do you like your mate to like the same animals as you. Have you ever dated someone whose pet you DESPISED? Would you give up a pet for a boyfriend?


  1. Never thought about it but maybe I'm a little bit of a cat...

    1. Hopefully this series will help you think about yourself even more! :D