Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello, my name is Cassie. I am 24 years old, working on my Masters Degree, a total music nerd, bookworm, blogger, YouTuber, Tweeter, cat lover, Redditor, product reviewer, fan of freebies... and I'm fat. Whatever you want to call it. Plus sized, curvy, full-figured, bootylicious, BBW, chunky, soft. The fact of the matter is, I'm bigger than your average person... maybe not your average AMERICAN, but I have some weight on the bones.  And you know what, I'm HAPPY!  I'm healthy, and my doctor will confirm it if you want.

I have stuff to say. About a lot of stuff. I'm rather outspoken, and opinionated, and you know what? Why the hell not? I'm very anti that whole YOLO junk, but life is far too short. Live it how you choose. If you want to be the person who is quiet and hides in the corner, do it! But if you want to be the person who tells all about their life to everyone, well then do that too!  Are you a blog reader, not a blog writer? You know what? THAT'S GREAT!! But do it the way you like!

Like I said, I'm about being happy.  I'm happy the way I am. I enjoy food, and I live in Lubbock Texas, which I like to think of as one of the food capitols of USA.  You may not have heard of Lubbock, I didn't before I applied for school here, but it is AWESOME.  Did you know that Lubbock has more restaurants per capita than any other city in the US?  And they're all good.  So food reviews? We'll have them.  Product reviews? They'll be here.  Random thoughts that I have to get off my chest? You better BELIEVE they'll be here.

And check out this YouTube video I JUST made while you're at it, so you can see who I am and what I'm like. Thanks Influenster for the SurfsUpVoxBox!  http://youtu.be/e2KsdAcbJ8U

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  1. Hi Cassie, I enjoyed your post, your sunny personality shines through in your writing! I can't wait for more!